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By answering this survey you are allowing us to know if you feel satisfied with our products and services.

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2. How long have you used this product?
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3. Have you ever had any issues ordering with Wayne Trademark?

Tell us more about these issues.

4. Have your orders always arrived on time?
Yes, my PO's are always on time.Not always.No, they are always delayed.

5. When there’s a delay with your order, do you receive prompt solution?
Yes, customer service agents immediately start corrective action planNo, I send e-mails, make calls and I have no prompt response.

6. Your orders are packed properly and in a professional manner.
Yes, they always arrive neatly packed and certified.Not alwaysNo, they always arrive on bad conditions and not certificated.

7. Please rate your overall opinion about the quality of our products.

8. Compared to others, how do you consider the quality of our products?
Much betterBetterAbout the same

9. Overall, how satisfied are you with our product?
Very SatisfiedSatisfiedUnsatisfiedVery Unsatisfied

10. When you issue a quality complaint, do you receive prompt solution?
Yes, quality personnel immediately start corrective action plan.No, I send e-mails, make calls and I have no prompt response.

11. Will you continue using our products?

If no, please explain why.

12. Would you recommend our products to others?

13. How would you rate our customer service?
ExcellentVery GoodGoodNeeds to improveNot good

14. Please indicate if you have seen a change in our products quality or services provided to your company during the last years.
Significant improvementSomewhat deterioratedSomewhat improvedSignificant deteriorationNo change

What changes have you noticed?

15. How would you rate our billing area; considering time of delivery of your invoices, account statements, and solutions to problems?
Excellent. We always have everything on time and problems are cleared ASAP.Needs to improveme. It takes too much time to receive our account statements and we never get feedback to solve a problem.

16. Is there anything you particularly like about doing business with our company?

17. Is there anything you particularly dislike about doing business with our company?

18. If you could change one thing about doing business with us, what would you change and why?

We appreciate your time and suggestions!

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